Yilongda is a subsidiary of ViteCompany located in Boston, USA. ViteCompany was founded on2008Year, I have been deeply cultivating in the US market for more than ten years, accumulating rich US resources and experience. The company focuses on innovation and technology, mainly serving major cross-border e-commerce customers.In terms of business, Yilongda provides multiple services, including overseas warehouse business, US end of the line delivery service, international small package service, sea freight full container booking service, consolidated container service, full container door-to-door delivery, and clearance and dismantling. Covering procurement, user library, inventory management, outbound, and finance.

Yilongda's services aim to provide traditional trade, e-commerce sellers Overseas warehouse、 International freight forwarders and other clients provide comprehensive supply chain solutions. Provide customers with efficiency、 Reliable service. By combining advanced technology and rich industry experience, Yilongda is committed to meeting the growing needs of customers and providing support for their success in the global market.

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Starting from the first kilometer, the goods will be consolidated, Customs clearance, Shipping/charter, customs clearance, towing, Storage, Last mile delivery. Save time and effort, Worry -free service。
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We are an anji furniture factory,Outdoor combination furniture products,Express products need to be courier accounts at the end of the united states and large -scale overseas warehouses,EspeciallyOversizeBetter discount,We value more channel stability and after -sales processing capabilities。Their family began to intervene and cooperate with us from the aspect of product design,Make the card sending the goods through the appropriate size adjustment,Can send more stable express delivery。At the same time we can accept the price of express delivery,The important thing is after -sales service capabilities,China and the united states24Hour customer service,Self -developed system,You can take pictures every refund,Give us information in time。
Shenzhen yilongda information technology co., ltd.
Anji furniture factory
Furniture factory
We are a factory seller of a factory -based factory in changzhou in changzhou,I have a retreat warehouse,We have two needs,One is the backbone of the united states.,One is the one -long part of the ultra -long part.,They matched a set of accounts and warehouses with super long surcharges,Help us reduce the cost15%,At the same time, cooperate with our registration and optimize a good setFedExDiscount account,Solved the logistics problem of our retreat warehouse,Although let us wait for half a year,But it is worth,Thank you so much。
Shenzhen yilongda information technology co., ltd.
Changzhou seller
Research and sales integrated chemical factory
I am a seller in beijing,We mainly do bed rest and cushion,Is a bubble series products,According to the standards of the us express delivery, vacuum packing must be drawn to transport,Otherwise, the opposite sex surcharge will be charged according to the opposite sex package,We are introduced by a friendVite,They helped us apply for a set of surcharges with a us courier account,No need to draw vacuum,No need to pack,Put up the bag directly,This greatly saves our warehouse and vacuum,The end cost of packing。
Shenzhen yilongda information technology co., ltd.
Beijing seller
Crimson rest products